How to make Bleachers

Jack Drago is known for his love of bleached jeans. Unfortunately, they tend to wear out within 5 years of being bleached, so he decided to replace them.

New vs. old bleachers, notice how the white parts have worn out?

Before you begin, you will need:

  1. a pair of Jeans, preferably inexpensive or thrift store jeans
  2. A good strong bleach, preferably splash resistant.
  3. A spoon, brush, or disposable plastic squirt bottle
  4. A bowl
  5. Newspaper or other ground covering

Drip the bleach out of the bowl onto the jeans with your spoon or other implement. The spoon leaves traces, where splashing with a bowl leaves big patches.

Leave the bleach in for about 20 minutes until you can see it visibly destroying the dye. The longer you leave it in before washing it out the whiter the bleach spots get, but the faster the fabric degrades.

Then you take the items to the washer and wash them with HOT water on the longest possible cycle. These should be the only things in the wash as they will dye anything else Black jeans pretty reliably bleach to white or off white, blue jeans can be more variable.

Mostly jeans vary by brand because some types of denim are dyed at the thread stage and then woven into blue cloth while other types are woven into cloth and then dyed blue. In my experience Levis produce the brightest whites, followed by really cheap off brands. Midmarket brands like American Eagle and Bugle Boy tended to be more colorfast and more prone to producing subtle blue on blue gradients. One obvious sign of a non-colorfast jeans is if it comes premade with bleaching or rubbing shown as below.

Generally, bleachers should be chosen to be inexpensive, tight fitting to display your assets well, and ideally cut to look good on your body.

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Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist