Silicone Monster Bulge

Beast of Marbas has finally succumbed to my Silicone Monster Bulge curse… Here’s his writing on the process.

As an obligatory warning: Silicone Injection of your genitals is a life-changing event. You cannot remove the silicone without costly surgery and, because everyone’s anatomy is different, there is no way to predict with certainty what your junk will look like after injection. Silicone injection of your genitals is dangerous and potentially life-threatening. If done incorrectly, you could literally die from the process. This post is not an endorsement of the procedure and I am not legally liable for what you choose to do with your body. 

I am the BeastofMarbas and I have been working with Jack Drago for over four years. In that time, he has broken my brain with his mystically voiced hypnosis tracks and I have become brainwashed by him. He and I have a deep connection; I regard him as my Magus and he regards me as his “trophy freak,” a role I hope I live up to everyday.

On 2020-01-25, I did what few do. I self-injected medical grade silicone into my genitals to increase their thickness and size, following the impulses that Magus’ file, “Curse Silicone Monster Bulge” deeply implanted into my mind. I had long wanted this to happen, but it was Magus’ voice that pushed me forward. I’m about one month living with the results and have had zero complications.

Gathering up needed supplies…

I chose to accept the risk and researched the process at length in order to keep it as safe as possible. I would name the place where I did the research, but the website has since been taken down. My injections went fine. Overall, the process took about an hour. There was some bruising from the large gauge needles, but otherwise, no real damage. I injected 50 cc of silicone into my cock and 150 cc of silicone into my scrotum. 

Magus asked me to send a gallery of pics with some before/after shots and some shots of the setup I used to do the deed. We (my helper and I) had intended to take some “during” shots to document how the injections are done, but honestly we were too busy-handed with the catheters, tubing, syringe plungers, etc. to hold the phone. It took four hands to accomplish, so if I had some advice, it would be: definitely have another person there. 
So, I’m sharing my pics at the Magus’ request and will answer folks who have questions at or @beastofmarbas (twitter). 

Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist