WANTED: Bob Mizer’s “Boy Factory”

One of Jack’s followers is looking for the film “Boy Factory” by AMG, it was released in 1969 and Stars Ron Elledge as the mad scientist and JC Crawford and Bob Lewis as his subjects. This seems to be an unusual series as John Crawford and Bob Lewis were both more famous as physique photographers than they were as models.

The film was advertised in Physique Pictorial 19-1 published in January 1971. As far as we can find all that survives is a production still and this advertisement that strongly implies that the models are available as models/hustlers. Jack says he’d LOVE to see the scenario as it pushes all his evil hypnotist buttons.

As far as Bob Kurtz can recall this was republished on VHS in the early 80s by Campfire Video as a part of their AMG reel collection. Besides the original 8mm reels from Athletic Model Guild that’d probably be your best bet on getting your hands on a physical copy

This is an example of an AMG Campfire video that’s been uploaded to PornHub, albiet not the one that contained “Boy Factory” — there was a whole series in the day. No, they don’t list titles and models but it doesn’t seem to be in #1, #4 or #5,

What else is known about these guys: Ron Elledge went on to become a used car salesman and died in March of 2019. He has no other credits as a model, photographer, or artist.

John C. Crawford had been an artist drawing for Fizeek magazine and is credited as a photographer on a few random published pictures from the era, mostly in Physique Pictorial. According to the codes in the ad knowledge of his personal traits is limited, but he’s less dominant and more agreeable than the other two.

Bob Lewis’ only other known credit is as photographer on this photo series from a 1988 edition of Manscape magazine. The Bob Mizer code implies that he’s a hustler in this era and says “Typical man, very dominant, agressive, ambitious, bit of a problem child.”

We’ve got feelers out to the Bob Mizer Foundation and our friends at The Magazine as well as Tim in Vermont; but no joy yet. Have any of you seen this film or its associated photo series? We’d all love to know the story of how three photographers and an artist wind up doing one series together as models when literally none of them were usually on camera before or after,

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