Tony Rivers Reminiscence

I had an unforgettable time with this guy at the Everard Baths c.1967 or 68. He & his boyfriend were on their way from their native Philadelphia to the West Coast, and decided to spend the night at the baths instead of checking into a hotel.

Imagine the sensation Tony caused in the steam room! He was in the mood for twinks that night, I guess, and started an impassioned scene with a very nelly-looking kid.

They were sitting side by side on a ledge, and as T started an extended smooch, the towel knotted around his middle gradually loosened and fell open.

(Remembering the sight of T’s shlong as it fattened up and began its slow ascent reminds me of Henry Miller’s description of another heroically hung guy getting a hard on. His meat, wrote Miller, took on the look of “winged lead.”)

Everyone else stood around the steam room with their tongues hanging out, not a few of them whacking off unashamedly. His friend, however, had taken a shine to me, and though I wasn’t anywhere near as interested in him as in Tony, I decided–conniving slut that I was–to get cozy with him on the chance to getting cozy with Tony later. Sure enough, after an hour or so, I was in a three-way with the two of them.

Tony was a tough street-kid from Philly. He told me he was a mix of Irish, Italian, American Indian & black, strongly implying that the latter blood-line had provided him with his pride & joy.

The two of them were on their way to California, where T was supposed to do some porn flicks.

 I never saw him again after that night, and, though photos of him would pop up regularly in the skinbooks over the next few years, I’ve never been able to locate any films with him in the cast. Even so, now–nearly 40 years later–I still whack off thinking about that night.

Contributed by FRANK.

Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist