The Ledgend of Jimi Lloyd

This is story of a model who may never have existed. Jimmi Lloyd contacted Bob by email in the summer of 2005. He claimed to want to model with Jack and Bob and Jack tried to set up a movie deal for him.

Jimi claimed to be a surfer and hustler living in the Los Angeles area as the kept boy of Robert Fitzpatrick, the head of Republic Films.

The pictures had a nice body and Jimi was game for a wide variety of scenes so we planned out a three way with Jack Drago and Daddy Tiger for the Nasty Boys line.

But, as film time rolled around Robert Fitzpatrick cast Jimi Lloyd in his big break, a Hollywood surfing movie called “Rising Tide” and this is where the story gets weird. Jimi keeps e-mailing from Costa Rica chronicling as the production descends into chaos as the filmmakers struggle with endless revisions, bad weather and polluted water.

Upon returning from Costa Rica, the movie was shelved as it was claimed several of the main actors caught a rare fungal infection from the waters they were surfing in, and our boy Jimi, if he ever existed, was sent to a hospital where it was said he sickened and died.

Rising Tide was listed in IMDB for a while and then disappearred.

To this day neither of us is certain if Jimmi Lloyd was a real person, or a catfish using a real person’s identity. Jack still regards it as a legendary troll if it wasn’t real and the best soap opera he ever read.

2 Thoughts to “The Ledgend of Jimi Lloyd”

  1. It is my opinion that Jimi Lloyd was created by Robert Fitzpatrick’s private secretary so that I would continue to send him gay porn pics that I had access to. I did speak to him on the phone numerous times and he was beyond young and sexy, but bottom line it was a scam.

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