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I have written a Bio and variously about Scott since this group was established more than ten years ago – and someone I feel very close to spiritually and emotionally. I believe there is always going to be those that “knock you out” when it comes to their colourful lives or the sheer bravado and excitement living in the fast lane compared to the hum drum lives of many of us, and for me.

Scott was one such man with a huge amount of character I was drawn to, and from that very first time I became aware of him I never lost sight of, and this being a very special day it is also a reminder of why I shall always want him in my life and close to my heart.

He did not have grey and colourless life, despite the roller coaster journey that had a very dramatic and tragic climax. Scott’s life was filled to the brim with all sorts of experiences good and bad. He was alluring and handsome, but he was also a man with a fragile and complex makeup that may have contributed in part to his destruction and demise. Like a candle in the wind his light finally became extinguished!

Born John R. Scott, at Grants Pass, Oregon, on 16 October 1961, as Scott O’Hara or “Spunk” as he was popularly known to many, he grew up to become not only an handsome man, but one of the most celebrated gay porn actors to dazzled us with his talent from the 1980’s.

What was so refreshingly honest was the fact that Scott had never hidden his identity from the world, saying: “I knew from an early age that I was a changeling. I spent the next eighteen years looking for my real name, and since I found it I have not pretended to be anyone else.”

In 1982, Scott made his début appearance (thought to have been in Winner Takes All), and went on to appear in over 40 credited gay and bisexual films, primarily in the “top” role, but also included auto-fellatio performances in several films, and although this may not have been to everyone’s taste, it was part of his repertoire that extended his talent beyond the realms of those that have appeared in mainstream gay porn. 

Unlike some that have appeared in gay porn film credits of the 1980’s, of which there must be a roll of honour that includes hundreds of thousand of names over the past three decades from the first iconic name on that roll being Casey Donovan as the Premier gay porn superstar that helped establish gay porn as a genre of the early 1970’s.

There are many others that may not readily have any fixed image to link to, but there are other high-profile names that most of us wither know about, or have heard of … and Scott O’Hara is up there in the first league and “A List” of gay porn actors as star and a diamond that sparkled bright as any gem to treasure his most alluring being that hidden in his pants , but once released, one had to be prepared to be dazzled by not only his originality and individuality, but the joy of seeing him in all his glory.

With several distinctive assets, Scott stood out from the crowd primarily for two things … his blonde hair and the size of his rock-hard dick – alleged to have been 10” in length and a thick girth to create both pain and pleasure … depending on your desires.

In the early 1980’s Scott entered “The Biggest Dick” contest in San Francisco. It is quoted: “That title became his trademark for the rest of his porn and professional career,” with published measurement of his handsome boner varying, depending on source, from 9.5 to 11 inches.

Throughout his career in the adult entertainment industry, Scott appeared in some great classic gay porn films that are now iconic and with many other legendary men that possibly helped build his reputation that none could ignore and, for some, bringing back many vivid and happy memories of the Golden Age of gay porn films that was a world away from anything we now see appearing in front of the camera.

Thinking of his performances from of the 1980’s, Scott fulfilled many gay men’s dreams and he did not disappoint. He was a show-stopper, where heads would turn as soon as he came into sight. That was the magic of his charisma, and something that is so much rarer now than from the past as a treasured memory. 

Unfortunately, Scott decided to retire from the industry, and this was thought to have been around 1988, and is believed to have pursued other avenues, including carving a career as a publisher, editing a journal and magazine. In addition, he wrote poetry, plays and books, including an autobiography, and accordingly to one quoted source: “He was an active and committed libertarian …” 

Scott O’Hara in the 2000s

They say the good die young. In Scott’s case, he was inwardly beautiful an Angel soft and sensitive as much as he was a handsome Devil outwardly wild and lustful that would cum by the bucket-load. He had such magnetism, and with a smile that was coy but so appealing, one could not fail to fall in love with him. Maybe not everyone did, but I was a devotee. I felt as you looked into his eyes both the sexual and sensual chemistry was on display… and the swelling in your pants was a sure sign that the magical formula was working to good effect!

Regrettably, as much as Scott’s character had his fans and devotees eating out of the palm of his hand, his life was not all brightness and light or a walk in the park. His path was to take another turn that we had hoped would never happen until he reached some grand old age, but long before this and far too soon, he become another on the visiting list of the Angel of Death watching over him in readiness for that fateful day like the sands of time draining away.

The Book of Life to close for Scott, and this came on 18th February 1998 in San Francisco, when his death was announced due to an AIDS-related complication (Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma). And once that book had been closed there was a sort of void and difficult to comprehend that he was no longer alive, but had now travelled into the sunset and over the rainbow into the new world, but his spirit lives and close to our hearts as memories of such an icon and legend will never die.

It is recorded that Scott left behind an archive of material that would be of great interest to historians of pornography and devotees alike. I would have very much liked to have seen that archive material, which is said to include: “Personal papers (consisting of 39 boxes of journals, correspondences, notes, and manuscripts) with the John Hay Library of Brown University.”

Scott was, without question, an icon and legend. He may have been a country boy from Oregon that showed the townies and city dwellers what could be done with a rural corn-fed Boner. He was amusing, humorous and sexually very stimulating. Not an easy juggling act for most, but Scott was an amazingly “original” like no other, and when he died, he also left us with a spiritual gift that can never be erased from our minds as a troubled young man, but he was also a true icon and legend that will live on for all eternity!

Writing originally appeared on Tim In Vermont’s vintage blog.

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