Russ Warner Photographer Write Up

I REMEMER RUSS WARNER Early physique photographer by Bob Kurtz

In the late ’50’s I started collecting physique magazines, especially Tomorrow’s Man. My dad would take me to the local liquor store to get his booze and I could pick out one magazine.

On day he asked to see the magazine I had bought, and he went thru it casually. Suddenly he stopped and commented that he knew one of the photograhers, Russ Warner.

American bodybuilder and physical fitness expert Jack La Lanne, wearing a swimsuit, poses while photographer Russ Warner sets up a shot with his camera, 1953. (Photo by Graphic House/Getty Images)
Russ Warner on set with a model, early 1950s

He said that Russ had a gym in Oakland where my dad had worked out in preparation for his pro-football games on the weekend. He went on to say that he exchanged Christmas cards with Russ and that he had his home phone number.

Then when we got home we called Russ, who was very friendly and remembered my dad, even after Russ moved to the L.A. area

I don’t remember much of the conversation, but my dad said that Russ was straight, married and had 5 kids and photographing guys was an outgrowth of his days owning a gym and working out.

I remember Russ as being very friendly, great at conversation and an interesting person. This was the beginning of my interest in physique photography. A quick glance at the Bob’s Guys section will show you that my passion for it has lasted a lifetime.

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