Physique Pictorial Model Code

Have you ever noticed those odd little drawings in the pictures in old physique magazines? It was a secret code indicating the photographer’s experience of the model and his advice to those who might rent him. In this case he’s “an affable but dominant type, suggestible and willing, wants to get ahead.” Though it’s plausible that the double arrow is more properly read as “sexually versatile” for many of these men.

As far as we know the system originated with Bob Mizer at Physique Pictorial where they are systematically used; but they’re occasionally found in other magazines and on photos by other photographers. The official listings are somewhat euphemistic but from the posing of the models up and down arrows, especially when paired with the influence mark seem to mean Top/Bottom/Versatile And early/late riser seems to mean erections…

William Grant: Typical Male, agreeable, enterprising, religious.

See Bill Grant’s nude massage video here, or his Mr. America video. Enterprising fellow indeed.

Former drag queen Robert Rex: Medium riser, typical man, very dominant, extremely easy to influence to bottom, somewhat iffy on topping.

Butler (pinned): Problem child, agreeable, sexually versatile.

Henri/Chris Dickerson: former Mr. America; notice the exact same sign as our opening model. “an affable but dominant type, suggestible and willing, wants to get ahead.”
Robert Zahl (limited information) Sexually versatile, very affable, wants to get ahead. (This seems to be the code for “willing to play for pay”)
Gerald Sims: Hypochondriac, sexually versatile, ingratious, agressive.

Brent Davis: Limited information, typical male can be influenced to bottom

Wayne Gossey: Phlegmatic, unenthusiastic, vascilating, poor self control.

Drywaller Dennis Diamond, typical male, poor self control, early riser, wants to get ahead, unenthusiastic.
Paul Sinclair: Early riser, very agreeable, very easily influenced especially to bottom, wants to get ahead, sexually versatile.

Tor Gustav, agressive and enthusiastic, wants to get ahead, very agreeable, can be influenced in both directions, openminded..

Ron Milhorn, confomist, late riser, typical male. “this one is square, man, he won’t play for pay and is probably straight” is my translation.