Stuart Rosenberg / Troy Saxon correction

The info we just posted Troy Saxon and Stuart Rosenberg is not accurate.  Troy was a model only,  who did several  photo shoots for Stuart who was just the photographer. They were working out of the Midwest/Kansas area

Troy was Stuart’s first and most important model, but he did none of the photography. Stuart did all of the photography of Troy and many others and decided to name his studio after Troy.  They are 2 different people.  Troy did not go from a model to a photographer or vice-versa.

The information listed is what Stuart and Troy wanted the public to know, for whatever reason.

Stuart did finally end up in Los Angeles, after years of combing Midwest college campus for young attractive models.  When he passed away his materials were divided into several boxes and sold to the public.

Guy Strait of D.O.M. fame got some of the boxes and sold one to me along with the explanation of the Stuart/Troy relationship. Seems Stuart was a stout middle aged guy of Jewish decent, who created a genre of college age physique models, who did it for a few bucks and moved on

Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist