Eric the Red


I met Eric when he decided to live in my dog house in Cupertino, CA in 1977

Eric was the young town drunk and always needed a place to crash after a drinking bout. My backyard was in the cross hairs of his path from Grannies to the liquor store. In my yard was a large unused large dog house.

One night when staggering home he felt he wasn’t going to make it, so he crawled into my dog house and went to sleep. I found him the next morning.

Eric had a very wealthy grandmother who cared a lot about him and would do almost anything for him, including paying me well to look after him.  An extra $20 a day to have someone sleep in your (dog) house was a winner. I did feed him and gave him rides to various places/liquor stores so her $20 ended up being $15 a day in my pocket. I did insist that he sleep in the house itself and he eventually ended up sleeping in my bed with me when he needed extra money for more boozing.

Red, 1981 Photos by Bob Kurtz


Eric was best friends with Bob Mormon and soon all 3 of us were sharing my 4 bedroom home. Unlike Little Boob, Eric was fine with getting fucked in the ass for a nice bottle of booze. In fact the two went together nicely for him.

Sadly Eric was so drunk so often he ended up being a dead fuck, but naked and asleep he was stunning to look at. He had the brightest red pubes I have ever seen

With Little Boob as his helper Eric would steal everything I owned, so I lost several photo shoots to them stealing of my cameras. However I am happy about ones I have remaining today and I look back on them fondly.

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