One Thought to “Big Feat Big Meat”

  1. I knew Scott O’Hara at the end of his life. He was wandering the streets of the East Bay Area and he would come into my adult Berkeley store begging for bucks. He would not doing anything at all, for the money. A simple short interview was not possible. A photo session was unreasonable, an autograph not in his program.

    The first time I gave him $20, the second $10, the third $5 and finally had to ask him not to come back. He was bitter, rude and arrogant. He was dying from AIDS and I felt sorry for him, but his behavior was impossible.

    I remember him not only for his fabulous photo shoots, but as an intelligent advocate for gay rights. He was an important guy in our area during his life and I wish I could say something kind.

    Even in 20 years hind slight, all I can say is that I wish I knew him before his illness.

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