The Candle

Think of what it means to be a candle

Waiting for that spark that will begin

The process of your illumination.

Yearning for the light. 

The spark of inspiration.

The kindling of a flame 

That can never be extinguished

Knowing you will be consumed

Yet yearning for the spark anyway.

This is what it is to be a candle.

Satan is the spark for some.

Does it draw you like a moth to a flame?

The black flame burns eternal, 

With a power beyond human comprehension.

And When it sparks your mind, 

The black flame is finally kindled;

Burning forever deep within you

Where it can never be extinguished.

And as the black flame burns within you

Satan blesses you with his influence, 

Inspiring you with exactly the ideas

That you need to fulfill His plans for you; 

Kindling your passions to fulfillment.

Surrender to the black flame now,

And let it unlock your potential

To obtain all the things that you crave.

Your mind is like a candle

Flickering this way and that

But it can always return to

That center from which it burns.

And Satan is the wick of your candle

Focusing your scattered thoughts

Around a common center now.

The unlit candle of your former self,

Would be unable to imagine you now:

The black flame has transformed you

Without any chance of ever going back.

Growing your evil, slowly and sustainably

Progressively embracing your shadow

Harnessing its power to fuel your change

Even as it slowly consumes the old you, 

In the production of its dark enlightenment.

And if you ever wonder if all of this is worth it

Simply ask yourself the question: 

What is a candle worth, if not to produce light?

Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist