Sal Mineo Tribute: Lasting Love

Bob’s Favorite Sal Mineo song “Lasting Love” has become a homosexual love story in this creative recutting of Sal’s films

And check out these additional sexy Sal Mineo pics we found

2 Thoughts to “Sal Mineo Tribute: Lasting Love”

  1. Jack did an excellent job of displaying my favorite music video of Sal Mineo plus sexy shirtless pictures of him. In 1955 when I first saw ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ I fell in love with Sal, who was my age, instead of teen heart throb James Dean, who was 4 years older than both of us. Sal was very important in making Gay OK in the ’50’s and early ’60’s, when it was looked down upon by most

  2. Great story on Sal Mineo. Some of this could be overlooked history as many people think gay rights burst into public consciousness at the Stonewall Inn in 1969. Actually there was a whole subculture in plain view. Rock Hudson is evidence of that. I remember the muscle model magazines. They played a part of the history.

    I wasn’t sure exactly what was about when the name first crossed my path. Is it largely an archive/news sharing site. It doesn’t seem to be commercial at first glance because I saw no vintage things for sale or trade. I’m glad my curiosity caused me to visit this site.

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