Jock Transformation memes 2

Coach programmed him to listen to his Jock Hypnosis every day, so he does.

Dumb Jock Hypnosis by Man in Control.

The dumbing hypnosis makes it very difficult to concentrate in class but it has a very rewarding side effect when it does…

Dumb Jock Hyperflash by HypnoMatic.

If you REALLY want to goon your brain away, the most effective dumbing system around is ViVe’s Dumbing Down. If you’ve got a dumbing fetish the Success Stories Thread on Warp My Mind will have you rock hard.

Or you could make your masturbation addiction even worse with some HypnoBateFuel.

Can you really lower your IQ through hypnosis? Watch Jack’s intelligence vanish when he puts on his bro cap here.

Try out Bro Cap Dumbing for yourself.

Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist