SF Pride 2019

Bob and Jack went to Gay Pride in San Fransisco, and this time Jack got naked! Photos taken June 30th, 2019 by Jack Drago and Bob Kurtz. See also Bob’s 2018 Pride pics and Jack’s 2018 Pride gallery.

Made sure to wear high top boots so I’d have a place to put my phone if I decided to strip off and go full nude.

All the BART trains were packed going into the city, even Bob had to strap hang on the way there…

Civic center BART was full of these beautiful non-binary positive ads.

Lucifer himself celebrating his favorite sin by posing with the tourists.

Bob and Jack resting by the food court.

My favorite freak of the whole event… Nothing says queer punk like a mohawk and pride briefs with Doc Martins.

The moment the temperature was high enough my shirt came off… You’ll notice a theme of less and less clothing on Jack through these pictures.

Gay salsa dance demonstration

Jack would like to know where he can get a set of see-through camo leggings… Not having wild enough pants, he decided to strip down to his stripper shorts…

Bulge shot; since you’re all gonna crop it to the bulge anyways.

Leather Alley had a good selection of harnesses and pup gear.

Jack Drago at the #PHXmovement photobooth.

I love the confidence of the outfit above. Slay, boy!

Unusually few naked people at pride this year; this was the first one we saw after almost an hour there…

San Fransisco: the only place where you can be as fabulous as you want… There was an amazing dance floor just to his left.

They’re all jamming to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

Not so accidental dick slip…

Now we’re getting to the genital nudity friendly part of the event…

Anybody looking to rent a leather bear?

Bob got 2 out of 3 on the dildo ring toss and won a comic book.

Jack had promised himself he’d get naked if possible; he was a bit shy until he saw that the nudist resort had a nude solicitor right next to SFPD’s outreach booth. So, when in San Fransisco, do as the San Fransiscans do…

Jack says: “I just can’t help it, when people look at my dick it starts getting longer.”

Naked Selfie with the nudisim activist…

That look you get when you photograph a stripper and YOU’RE the one with no clothes on…

This particular area was VERY popular with the nudist contingent.

I honestly think this is the most people to see Jack naked in person in his life.

Somehow, this boy found a way to be more obscene than the naked guy…

But two can play at the “showing your ass at pride” game.

Being completely shameless is liberating in ways nothing else can be.

Jack is in SO many group selfies nude… if you have one, send it to us.

Jack must’ve had a crush on the pup, he took WAY too many pics for a casual interest.

Clothes on, we return to the main event…

The lines for the bathroom were insane….

And after exploring Civic Center we went out to watch the parade.

Bob’s brother Mike rode with Harvey Milk in the very first San Fransisco Gay Pride parade almost 50 years ago.

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