Jack Drago Bro Cap demonstration

It took years of study in psychology, #hypnosis and media production to produce the Bro Cap, watch it temporarily erase the intelligence that made it. Filmed 8-2-2019 by Jack Drago

Special thanks to @SpacePupSilver for requesting the demo and @HeavenHimbo for inspiring the Bro Cap file.

You can literally see the stupidity all over my face…

Interested in experiencing it for yourself? Try the audio on My SoundCloud below.

Sometimes I use my Bro Cap to enhance the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Observations on this: 1. The bro cap fogged my brain SO effectively I was almost too dumb to operate my setup. 2. I wound up watching the slideshow more because I couldn’t read fast enough for the spiral. 3. I tranced SO deep I barely remember a word of it. 4. SUPER HORNY.

For those of you wondering what file, the logo on my hat in the video is a dead giveaway… It was Bull Power.

Jack says ” I look at my blog since I did this and there’s NOTHING but #jock porn since then… Muscle men, footballers, jockstraps, guys in bro caps, himbos, and lots and lots of dumb jocks. “

Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist