Jack Drago at Mid Atlantic Leather

I went to Mid Atlantic Leather in Washington DC. It’s the nation’s 3rd largest leather event. I was tramping around our nation’s capital in full leathers for 3 days.

This is the full outfit I was wearing on the steps of congress…
I packed nothing but fetish clothes.
Plus my toys and my camera.

Orange hanky, Left as always.

This was my most popular #MAL2019 tweet. It got plenty.

The shirt I was wearing with my jacket open the first day might have helped a little.

I got a nice peace of meat on me.

And soon enough I have a hole to breed.

Sticking my dick in Rubber Pig
Overhead selfie
Bareback from the side

I bred rubber pig good, he dripped cum for hours afterwards.

The cum and lube got my dick good and sloppy

I had to do the whole trip with a still healing tattoo and do all the aftercare on the road. This time I actually got to stick it inside someone (actually I got my elbow in too)… As mentioned in the pictures above, I ultimately fisted 34 times across about 20 people this Mid Atlantic Leather.

The hotel had this fabulous bathrobe for lounging. Watch for more of this later.

Heading off to the next fisting party.

Author: Jack Drago

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