Meeting Ricky Ricardo

About the year 2001 I ran my usual Berkeley Barb ad looking for gay models who wanted to be photographed in the nude and beyond, for money.

After a series of loser interviews, I got a call from a sweet, charming sounding young male who said he as interested in the job. He asked what the job was about and how much it paid. I outlined what I wanted and he agreed to come into my Berkeley store for an interview.

When he arrived I saw that he was very attractive light skinned black youngster and asked him to come into my private back room. He said sure. I checked his ID as he did look like he could be under age.

When we got to a secure private room I gave him the details, explaining that we did both stills and video and he would be expected to at least get naked and jack-off to climax. Would this be a problem,

Ricky said no and he could do it right than and there, if was what I wanted. I said for $20 cum in my mouth

He removed all his clothes and I could see he was throbbing hard as his boxers came off.

Ricky Solo in September 2003

I asked if he needed any lube or anything and he said no and starting jacking.

He was able and willing to discuss the situation while stroking and I found out he lived in nearby Oakland (the store was in Berkeley) and that he was mostly gay and enjoyed jacking off alone or with friends.

Jack Ricky and Chaos pose together

Ricky choose the modeling name ‘Ricky Ricardo’ because he loved watching ‘I Love Lucy’ reruns. Neither are his real names, but he has always been ‘Ricky’ to me

Ricky Sucks Jack photos by Dennis Bell

He had never done this before, but becoming a gay porn star had been a fantasy for him for years and he was willing to try and please.

Ricky Ricardo with Fro

Rickly was slender and a smallish type and I asked if he would work with bigger or older types in a number of diffent scenes.

He said anything goes, but he did not enjoy getting fucked and would prefer to be the fucker not the fuckee.

Ricky Barebacks Jack Drago

About at this point he exploded with cum, which prove to be a healthy load and several squirts to get it all out.

I told him he was hired and that we would do a solo shoot in a few days. He did this and many other sessions for me.


He was/is one of the gentlest guys I have ever met and I did eventually send him to other photograhers in California.

Jack Drago and Ricky Ricardo pose for Mark Klein

After a few sessons I asked if he would agree to get fucked when my best model (Jack Drago) came into town from Tahoe. He said he wanted extra pay (from $100 to $200) but for just once it would be OK, and that’s what we did.

Ricky went on to do several photo shoots for me, and briefly worked in my store. All the shoots were over a 5 year period where he seemed to change hair color every time I photographed him. He probably would have changed pube hair color too, but he just preferred to shaved them off completely.

Ricky in the sling

He is one of the loves of my life –BOB’

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