Bob’s photos of Steve Boyd

Steve Boyd was a J. Brian model who lived in with J, but being a non-drinker Steve didn’t much like living with an alcoholic, so he started to part time with Bob at Bob’s mom’s house. See more of Steve at Bob’s House.

Same exact blanket today

The blanket behind him is still on Bob’s couch and was knitted by his grandma.

Bob’s mom was none too keen on him having a pornstar in the house and quickly kicked him out.  But not before Bob traded Steve $20 for this series of pictures. More pics of Steve Boyd outdoors.

Despite being a clean living fellow who neither smoked nor drank, Steve Boyd was an early victim of the AIDS epidemic.  When he started getting ill, the first thing to go was his voice which quickly cost him his job as a DJ.

One thought

  1. So sad but we live forever IN NEXT deminsion this is just EXPERIENCE. If these guys had men to trust AND didn’t do.annal THEY would LIVED long time. We need to have CLEAN loven not over indulgence. But no one knew better ITS all luminarti

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