Author: Jack Drago

Porn star, webmaster, and hypnotist

2 Thoughts to “Bob’s Girls”

  1. I (Bob Kurtz) took these pictures in my store Collectors Realm3 about 10 years ago. They feature 2 girls who were friends of my partner Al Jones, and he was very pleased with my work. I am an amateur at best, but thought the success came from care free, I’m into it spirit, of all concerned. The Realm as it came to be known specialized in adult XXX materials and these pics reflect good times we had. Some were surprised at the results because I am gay and almost all my own work is male oriented. The guy in the first pic is a well known bass guitarist for the top punk/rock group D.R.I. and worked for me for about 8 years before moving on in music. We were an alternative store in every sense!!!

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